Etiquette & Rules


Your relaxation and recuperation are our number-one priority! For this reason, the following Spa etiquette applies throughout the Mystic Spa.

We highly recommend booking your treatments in advance to ensure that your preferred time and service is available. The Centre administrator will remind you about your visit 24 hours prior to your visit. To book a treatment at our Spa salon please call us at +996 555 45 44 33 or +996 312 61 25 41.

If for some reason, you are not able to visit Mystic Spa at your reserved time, the Administration of the center requests you to cancel your visit not later than 3 hours ahead.

Your comfort and relaxation is very important to us during your stay at the Mystic Spa, which is why we recommend you to come 15 minutes in advance to your scheduled procedure.

If you are late on your procedure please notify the administrator about delay in order to adjust your visit schedule.

In order to ensure a relaxed environment at Mystic Spa, it is not recommended to use mobile telephones as well as to talk loudly.

The Administration of the Mystic Spa is responsible only for the valuable possessions left for the responsible storage to the centre Administration.

We advise not to eat any heavy meal before your treatment. Administrator Mystic Spa has the right to refuse service to the client in the case of gross violations of etiquette: if the guest is seen to be under influence of alcohol or presents inadequate behavior.

Smoking IS PROHIBITED in Mystic Spa.

The Tips & Bonuses as a mark of appreciation for the specialists of the Mystic Spa are totally the Client’s discretion.

Your opinion about the level of services rendered, comments, or suggestions about the work of Mystic Spa you can leave in the book for Reviews and Suggestions, which is located at the reception.

Enjoy relaxation & bliss in the Beauty & Health Center Mystic Spa!