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Entrust care of your beautiful Hands & Feet to expert beauty professionals of Mystic Spa Bishkek.

Beautifully manicured hands and feet are an indispensable element in the image of any person. Neat and classy manicure is indicative of the taste & class of an individual. At Mystic Spa Bishkek, we pamper you with most professional care of your hands and feet, in beautiful, aristocratic ambiance and by best of professionals.

Manicure by Mystic Spa professionals, always means the best of nail care for you. Quality of service by our experienced masters, is of highest class and yet, extremely affordable, inexpensive and comes your way with a warm welcome full of smiles! Just try once to appreciate the difference!

Classic Manicure

manucureClassic or Standard manicure is the most common type of nail care in our country. The first step, before giving the desired shape to your nails using nail clippers and nail files is to properly soak your nails and pat drying them. Procedure in any case should not take place on moist nails — it can lead to delamination.

Soaking is done in a special solution that provides a relaxing effect on the skin of your hands as a whole and completely softens the cuticles, helping them get ready for an easy removal.

After the hand-bath, softened cuticles are isolated and removed using a nail clipper. Nourishing oil is applied using very light massage movements and the oil gets rubbed into the skin around the nail and evenly spreads over the entire nail plate. The process gets completed with application of special nourishing cream with an easy five-minute massage. On request, decorative coatings of intricate artwork can be made on your nails!

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 450 KGS


hand-spa-manicureSPA-manicure is a comprehensive nail care, aimed at moisturizing and rejuvenating hands and saturation of their nutrients and ceramides using gentle peels.

At first hand are dipped in a bath with sea salt, aroma oil and cuticles get treated (optional elements of a classic manicure or European manicure can be integrated, as per guest’s wish).

Relaxing bath will make your hands soft and prepare it for further procedure. Then applied drugs for peeling and light massage movements rubbed into skin, providing it with exfoliation while moisturizing.

After peeling the skin is fresh and looks much younger. Then the mask is applied, which contains natural vitamins, minerals, oils and extracts, providing effective nutrition and hydration.

Warm terry mittens increase the impact of money and create a pleasant warming effect.

The final stage of the procedure is application of a soothing cream with an effective hand massage (massage arms up to the elbow).

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 900 KGS

Male Manicure

Well-manicured hands of men make a great impression, be it at work or with opposite sex. Often, men tend to ignore the grooming part when it comes their hand & feet. Just visit Mystic Spa Bishkek and allow our expert Manicure specialists to work on your palms and fingers and make the right impression, be it at your professional meetings or at the dinner table!

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 550 KGS

Child Manicure

Children’s manicure basically implies very hygienic care of your children’s hands.
Children’s manicure ensures well rounded nails that are not sharp edged.. Cuticles are well oiled, completely softened and then gently removed.
Well-manicured hands of children ensure safety of their facial skin as well as children tend to leave scratch marks on their skin very often! Child’s manicure inculcates an early habit of children getting particular about hygiene and cleanliness and always stand out amongst in their class and amongst their friends.

Duration: 15 minutes
Price: 200 KGS

Classic Pedicure

Classic Pedicure (called the feet trim) is the most common foot care method that ensures good hygiene improves the condition of your feet & toe-nails.

In Classical pedicure at Mystic Spa Bishkek, first, the nails are well soaked in the tub with sea salts or herbal infusions and other components. This special foot bath softens the rough feet skin and brilliantly moisturizes the feet and nails.

Mystic Spa’s highly skilled Spa specialists then devotedly work on your feet to remove calluses and corns, charped & roughened feet skin and remove the cuticles. Once you have your feet sole feeling like baby-skin and nails have been perfectly shaped and worked upon, a moisturizer is applied. This ensures a soothing, therapeutic and relaxing effect and leaves your feet rejuvenated, clean and beautiful!

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 550 KGS

Spa Pedicure

спа педикюр
Spa pedicure is a special SPA procedure that includes luxury foot care, with deep peeling of feet skin, use of natural vitamins, minerals, essential oils, high-quality moisturizers and skin softening procedure combined with a warm wrap of legs that give lightness and true bliss to feet and feet skin – a velvety smoothness.

Initially feet are immersed in a warm hot tub with sea salt, essential and vegetable oils and it reinforces the skin softening process and has a relaxing effect on feet and legs.

Foot bath follows peeling of outer, roughened feet skin layer. Fruit acids and small particles of sea salt or unrefined sugar are massage rubbed into the skin of legs, allowing a delicate peeling of dead skin cells. Removal of calluses and corns is done using a special serum, and then nail files are well pedicured. This is followed by the all procedures of the classic pedicure.

After pedicure, the skin of the feet is covered with a vitaminized mask (of special clay or seaweed), and it leaves the skin more hydrated, fatigueless and saturates macro- and microelements and vitamins.

Spa pedicure foot massage culminates with application of special lotion containing fruit oils. Feet have a huge amount of biologically active points and nerve endings responsible for the different organs. As a result of the stimulation of these, blood circulation is improved, and relaxes the whole body wonderfully well. And all this in most romantic settings in the luxury SPA seats of Mystic Spa, pleasant music soothing your nerves and fragrance of subtle aromas all around!

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 1600 KGS

Paraffin Therapy for Hands / Feet

парафинотерапия для рукIs an effective procedure by which you can achieve immediate effect of a «velvet» smooth skin of the hands and feet, especially at start of spring, when the skin is in need of rehabilitation and care after a long cold winter.
Effect of warm paraffin is that it squeezes out excess liquid from the intercellular spaces, and together with it, also removes toxins harmful to the skin of hands and feet, fade signs of stagnation in the skin, reduces dryness of the skin, stimulates circulation and allows substances to penetrate most deeply into the dermis.
This procedure also has a beneficial effect on dry cuticles and chapped, sensitive skin, restoring the youthful smoothness, softness and gives a well-groomed appearance to hand and feet. Active substances in creams and lotions, thanks to heat, penetrate deep into the skin, making it soft and velvety.

Methods of paraffin therapy:

Skin cleansing is done by brushes / small scrubs and then the hands / feet are massaged with cream. Afterwards, immersion is done in a special bath of hot paraffin, 5-7 times and a dense layer is formed on top of skin. Then plastic wrap is used and left on for some 20 minutes.

The procedure provides excellent skin hydration, restores moisture balance, and whitens skin. The brilliant effect of this procedure lasts up for to a week!

Paraffin Therapy for Hands

Duration: 30 min
Price: 500 KGS

Paraffin Therapy for Feet

Duration: 30 min
Price: 600 KGS