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Thai massage is believed to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician to Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago in India. It made its way to Thailand, where the Ayurvedic techniques and principles gradually became influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. For centuries, Thai massage was performed by monks as an essential component of Thai Medical treatment system.

What Does Thai Massage Feel Like?
Thai massage is more energizing and rigorous than more classic forms of massage. Thai massage is also called Thai yoga massage, because the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Many people say Thai massage is like doing yoga without making an effort from your side.
Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment. People describe Thai massage as both relaxing and energizing.
Mystic Spa Bishkek has very skilled Thai Masseurs from Thailand and you can be rest assured of best quality Thai Massages in most beautiful and relaxed settings of Thai section of Mystic Spa!

Thai Traditional Massage

1. Тайский традиционный

A dry or pressure massage for full body.

This classic famous treatment all over the world and has been a part of life in Thailand for over centuries. The treatment involves gently pulling, stretching, bending of muscles and massaging the paths of Prana [life] using elbows, feet and hands.

Benefits: Promotes flexibility of the body by lengthening muscles & strengthening bones. Press blocked energy flows, Facilitates relaxation, invigorates the nervous system and Increases the ability to absorb food.

At Mystic Spa Bishkek you get to enjoy Thai Traditional massage by expert lady masseurs from Thailand and that means, you get to enjoy the experience, exactly as you would, in Thailand!
Time Duration: 60 min / 90 min / 120 min
Price: 1400 som / 1900 som / 2500 som

Swedish Massage

2.Шведский массаж

A full body massage with “sweet dream” oil. The massage combines long gentle strokes, kneading and firm circular movements. This is based on European folk massage, oriental techniques from the Middle East and the emerging knowledge of modern anatomy and physiology that uses relaxing strokes to increase circulation of blood and lymph. This massage uses basic massage techniques for relaxation of the mind and muscles.

Benefits: Nourishes and gently nurtures physical, emotional, and spiritual body.
Time Duration: 60 min / 90 min / 120 min
Price: 1400 som / 1900 som / 2500 som

Mystic Spa Special «Thai+Swedish» massage-ultimate relaxation

Enjoy the ultimate pleasures of a combination of exhilarating Thai Traditional massage together with thrilling pressures of Swedish massage!

Time Duration: 60 min / 90 min / 120 min
Price: 1500 som / 2100 som / 2700 som

Japanese Shiatsu massage

3. Шиацу

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork. The word shiatsu means «finger pressure», and shiatsu is sometimes described as a finger pressure massage.
Like acupuncture, shiatsu is based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine, where illness is thought to result from imbalances in the natural flow of energy, or qi (pronounced «chee») through the body.
Shiatsu therapists use finger and palm pressure to energetic pathways, called meridians to improve the flow of qi.
A scientific explanation is that shiatsu calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles, and alleviates stress.
Time Duration: 60 min / 90 min / 120 min
Price: 1400 som / 2000 som / 2600 som

Na Plai, Recovery Head & Neck Massage

8.головы и воротникой зоны

This outstanding treatment releases tensions and naturally firms and lifts stressed skin. This treatment experience starts with the application of the traditional Thai hot herbal cranial poultice over the back, neck shoulder. A stimulating which helps to revitalize the skin and promote total recovery.

Benefits: To relieve stress, soothes tensions and re-energize your skin and body.

Time Duration: 30 min / 60 min
Price: 800 som / 1200 som

Thai Foot and Leg Massage

9 Массаж ног

A massage only for foot with “oil”

The ultimate soothing experienced for those tired feet that will leave them refreshed, relaxed and ready for more life. A foot soak with essential oil and fresh flower petals is followed by a deluxe 15 minute foot massage.

Benefits: Soothes aching and tired feet. Ideal to have after a long day of adventure in the mountains or city streets!

Time Duration: 30 min / 60 min
Price: 800 som / 1200 som

Well — Being Massage

5 Общеукрепляющий

A full body massage with “harmony” oil.

This is an uplifting massage that will bring you back to life and restores positive energy. It is excellent combination of 10 cultural touches and techniques for muscular aches and pains.

Benefits: It will clear the mind, deeply relax the body and strengthen the spirit.

Time Duration: 90 min / 90 min / 120 min
Price: 1300 som / 1800 som / 2500 som

Sarawak Massage – Indonesian massage

4.Саравак массаж

A full body massage with “invigoration” oil. This massage derived from Ancient Indonesian and Malay methods; is ideal for relieving the body from stress and tension.

This massage is ideal for restoring balance to the body, mind, and soul. It is a deep tissue massage with pressure applied by forearms and hands in long sweeping strokes all over the body.

Benefits: It will balance mind, body and spirit, replenishing energy. It is ideal to try after hard sports game.

Time Duration: 90 min / 120 min
Price: 2200 som / 2800 som