Aestetic procedures

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Eyebrow Correction

Eyebrow correction 350 som
Eyebrow coloring 100 som


Eyelashes Extension

Mystic Spa Bishkek promises a magical transformation of how beautiful your eyes appear.
Our experienced, professional beauticians can expertly lenthen your eyelashes
Eyelashes extensions 3D, 4D



Tasteful and an expertly done make-up is a reflection of your personality, culture and taste.
Entrust your face care to real professionals at Mystic Spa Bishkek!
Personal make-up (individual selection)
Day time / Evening make-up
Lifting make-up (age)
Podium make-up
Wedding make-up
Children’s make-up


Henna Art

Bio-tattoo Henna (Temporary tattoo designs of your choice)
(Herbal, 100% Natural, No Side Effects)
Bio-tattoo with Henna! It can be your wy of standing out in a crowd!
Mehndi — painting (temporary, herbal tattoo) on your hand, feet or body with natural henna, can be your unique fashion statement and attract admiration & attention your way!
Until now, only oriental beauties enjoyed the luxury of showing off with various, stunning artwork of henna designs on them. Now is your chance!
Be fashionable, be creative!
The price of bio tattoo depends on the complexity of the design.


Hair Care Services

Ladies haircut (wash, haircut & hairstyle) from 500 som
Men’s haircut (wash, haircut & hairstyle) from 300 som
Shaving for men with shaving machine
Hair Styling & Coloring
Streak Coloring of hair
Highlighting of hair, Toning
Perming of hair
Braiding (+for Children)
Mystic Spa Care & Hair Treatment (Lamination)
Mytic Spa Care & Hair Treatment (SPA Screening Q3Therapy)


Waxing Services

Full face 400-450 som
Forehead 100-150 som
Cheeks 100 som
Chin 100 som
Upper lip 100-150 som
Stomach 350-400 som
Back 500 som
Armpit 300-350 som
Full arms 600 som
Half arms 400 som
Full legs 800-900 som
Half legs 500 som
Bikini «line» 400 som
High bikini 800-900 som
Complete bikini 900-1000 som

*The price depends on the direction of hair growth, density, thickness of hair, as well as the surface to be treated.